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Our Process

1. planning

Firstly, we will assess your project for suitability. Site accessibility, crane set up, design, budget and others are all important factors that we will take into consideration as part of our planning stage. 

4. manufacture

Once our final quote is accepted, our workshop drawings will be provided for sign off. From there, your project goes into production. 

2. design

We then provide a full design review and inputs to achieve an optimised and cost efficient build. If no design has been established yet, we can get you in touch with our hand picked architects to work with you.

5. delivery

Each part of your project is manufactured under strict quality controls. Once your project has been assessed and is deemed satisfactory by our auditors, your goods will be loaded and shipped to site.

3. estimation

We provide an estimate for our wall panel, floor / ceiling cassette system incl. glazing & shipping to site. We also provide typical cost line items that will be replaced by our system to help with your bill of quantities.

6. assembly

A typical residential project is assembled in 2 to 3 crane days for a single storey build and up to 5 crane days for a double storey build. We can provide our own experienced assembly crew if required.


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